About Sygnal

Sygnal is a systems consulting firm which develops large-scale Internet-based systems and technologies for corporate clients.

We specialize in systems which give our clients a significant competitive advantage in their industry... something which the competition has not thought of and does not possess. This focus typically places our systems & technologies in one of several categories;

Sales & Marketing Technologies.
Systems which maximize your acquisition of prospects, reduce the sales cycle timeframe, keep your customers interested and informed for the long-term.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Product & Service Delivery Technologies.
Systems that enable your company to maximize its efficiency of delivering products and services.
  • Internal tracking systems.
  • Extranets and customer-integration
Specialty Technologies
Certain industries such as banking achieve a competitive advantage through the use of specialized technologies, such as fraud reduction, or improved transaction efficiency.


Examples of the types of systems we typically develop include;

  • Publishing systems for large magazine networks
    • Including special scenarios, such as where the content-management and publishing roles are centralized, but the magazines are separated geographically.
  • Public websites with large or complex product databases
    • e.g. Real-estate websites
  • Credit-card processing systems
  • Unique products and technologies for publishing companies
  • Custom, secure online ordering systems


A few of our clients include...

  • Citibank
  • Sony
  • Encyclopedia Britannica
  • Cargill Investor Services
  • Equity Apartments
  • RE/MAX Alliance