Sygnal's Terms of Engagement


  • Ad-hoc work is billed on an hourly-rate basis, and tacked in 15-minute increments.  This will be tracked and invoiced regularly in an ongoing Statement of Account.
  • Fixed-bid projects are billed 50% in advance of the project, and 50% on completion.  Work will begin once the first 50% is received.
  • Rush-schedule Fixed-bid projects, where we have to freeze other client projects to meet your deadline, are billed 100% in advance of the project.  Work will begin once the full payment is received.

About the Project Lifecycle

  1. Why.  This is the business consulting phase, where we discuss the business idea and the challenges you need to tackle
  2. What.  Define the project – goals, purpose of the system, key features needed
  3. How.  Design meetings – get into details on how it will work  
  4. Quote & Acceptance.  We prepare a detailed quote on the project costs, you review and accept it, or make changes to the items you want.
  5. Invoice & Payment.  We prepare an invoice for the project, and your payment initiates the development.
  6. Development.  Here we disappear for 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the system, to do all of the programming.
  7. Review.  Once the site is functioning enough to discuss the layout, functionality, and styling, we make the site available to you and begin discussing details.
  8. Development is still continuing through this stage.
  9. Polishing.  We make refinements and adjustments.
  10. Approval.  Final approvals are sent.
  11. Release.  We publish it to the world. 
  12. Training (optional)
  13. Maintenance (as needed)