xDrive - File Content Management

xDrive is an advanced web-based storage-and-retrieval system for binary files. It allows for simple and powerful storage solutions for essentially any physical file type, including;

  • Images
    • GIF
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • other formats
  • Microsoft Office documents
    • Excel files
    • Word files
    • Visio files
    • Powerpoint
  • Multimedia
    • Audio
      • WAV files
      • MP3 files
  • Other
    • PDF
  • ... and more.

All xDrive files are stored inside a database so they are easy to find, manage, calculate capacity, etc.

Special Capabilities

Direct upload via POST
Files can be added to xDrive through a simple HTTP POST, which means that your website can add files with a simple HTML form.
Files can be grouped in Folders for easy retrieval as a collection.
Folder metadata retrieval as XML
iDrive allows for group retrieval using XML, so that you can use xDrive folders
MIME-type overrides
When retrieving any file, the MIME type returned can be overridden by a simple querystring param. This makes it possible, e.g. to force a browser to handle an XLS file as a downloadable object, rather than trying to open it in the web browser.
Image manipulation
Image files can be manipulated on retrieval, including;
  • Resizing. a maximum bounding box can be specified to force image resizing, while preserving aspect ratio.
All file types can be thumbnailed.
File metadata storage
Including a friendly name, a description, and more.
GUID-based naming system
Files can be retrieved either by a traditional URL such as;

Or by a GUID-based URL such as;



xDrive is the perfect solution for developers who need to add image or file support to a website (or web-based application) but don't want to do all the coding associated with that.

xDrive integration is a snap. In fact, all integration with iDrive can be done using nothing but standard HTTP-GETs and HTTP-POSTs.

Short URL's for Emails
Links in emails break if they are over a certain length, and most email users don't know how to copy and paste all the little email bits into a single browser URL. xDrive makes this unnecessary
As a repository for partner logos
Partner websites can manage their own graphics in this manner.
As a repository for skins
xDrive can be used to store collections of graphics, CSS files, XSL files, and such. Using the folder and the naming feature, it becomes easy to identify a skin as a GUID.