Miru Miru - Instant Website Creation

Miru is a powerful wiki-style content management system. Like a traditional wiki, all content management including the creation and editing of webpages can be done completely through a standard web browser.

However Miru goes far beyond those capabilities;

Key Features

Support for multiple document types, including;
Display documents such as HTML, plain text, and xTxT Data documents such as XML, XSL, CSV Style documents such as CSS
Instant website creation
To create a website, you simply make a web browser request to a domain name that does not exist on your server, but which is DNS-mapped there. Most DNS's allow for wildcard-mapping of subdomains, so this means that if you own the domain name mydomain.com, and you have configured your DNS to wildcard-map undeclared subdomains to a wIkI server, then when you go to access a non-existant hostname like newwiki.mydomain.com, or another.newwiki.mydomain.com, wIkI will automatically prompt you to setup the new wiki. This makes it possible to instantly create sites and online notebooks, as it were.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
including built-in features such as Google Sitemaps and configuration of your robots.txt file

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Miru has many essentially unlimited applications;

  • Full website development
  • Corporate Intranet, with multiple sections maintained by different people
  • As a secure communications portal between you and your client
    • A sort of instant-extranet
  • Help systems
  • Personal notes
  • Class, school, assignment notes
  • Project notes
  • Family notebooks