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Consulting & Development Services

Every business, every market, every industry has weaknesses and inefficiencies... These are your opportunities to excel. Give your business the right technological competitive edge.

You could be the only caveman with fire .

Sygnal provides a full range of services around business analysis and systems development using the latest Internet technology.

Business technology evaluation.
Examine your business's use of technology and help you identify the opportunity gaps.
Competitor technology evaluation.
Examine your competitor's use of technology, and help you evaluate the risk it poses, and how (or whether) to react.
Systems design & architecture.
Complete blueprints for the construction of a system to your specifications.
Systems implementation.
Full development and implementation of a new system, including documentation and training.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Maximize your web site returns by improving your search engine presence. This means preparing your site to best ensure that it appears under the right search terms, and your customers find you.
Email Service Setup