Hyperflow for Reduced Hosting Costs

Are you exceeding your Webflow Hosting Plan's bandwidth or traffic limits? Sygnal can help you stay within those limits.

Are you at risk of exceeding your bandwidth or traffic limits on your Webflow-hosted site?

Webflow is currently tightening it's restrictions on plan bandwidth and monthly visitor count, and requiring customers to upgrade who regularly exceed their plan limits.

And, that's fair enough.

The problem is that the cost increase between Webflow's Business Plan and Webflow's Enterprise Lite is substantial.

More than 30 times the annual cost.

We've had more than a few businesses come to us in a panic, hoping to find a way to avoid shifting their entire operation to Wordpress, or to avoid rebuilding their entire site on a new CMS. In less than a month.

Fortunately, you may not need to do any of those things. There is a way to keep your site hosted on Webflow, while respecting your plan bandwidth and traffic limits fully.

The Solution

A popular application of reverse proxies is to optimize images and cache content so that it can be served as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This means far fewer requests to your Webflow hosted site, and far less bandwidth consumed as most images are delivered from the proxy cache.

Together, these can ensure that you stay well within your Webflow plan limits.

How efficient is it?

Here's a fun screenshot we grabbed after setting up a caching proxy for a client.

Notice the total traffic served, 217,000 requests in this timeframe. How many were served by Webflow? Only 1,940 of them.

Not only that, edge-caching makes the site much faster, and image optimization means its lighter and quicker on mobile devices too.

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