dbApi - Database API

dbApi is a technology that improves the interface between your application and your relational database.

Currently supported databases;

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySql

Currently supported development languages;

  • Microsoft .NET C#

Technical Brief

dbApi generates a set of libraries which make tight, type-safe database integration a snap. It performs a number of key functions;

  • Documents your entire database schema in both human and machine-readable forms
    • Useful for source code management, as well as comparison across DEV, TEST, PROD environments
    • Supports extended table and field documentation
  • Generates a full library of data-access and manipulation functions for simple operations
  • Generates C# structs for every record type, to allow for easy manipulation
  • Offers integration with the dbApi SqlType WebControls set, to handle NULLs properly
  • Generates enums for identified type tables, including documentation

For full information, see http://www.dbapi.com.